Digital Medicare certification management for nursing homes and home health agencies

Fast, easy, secure digital creation, updating and signing of Medicare certifications

MedCertHub offers fast, easy digital Medicare certificate management for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Agencies.  Gone are the days of scrambling to gather practitioner signatures and delayed certificate completions.  With immediate mobile-friendly certificate transmission and schedule alerts, both MDS Coordinators and physicians can quickly and easily complete the cumbersome Medicare certification process.  MedCertHub streamlines a frustrating process, saving time, improving compliance and reducing audit risk allowing you to:

  1. Send digital certifications to your providers’ cell phone
  2. Notify providers, who securely e-sign certs on their phone.
  3. Track incomplete and upcoming certifications and keep a digital archive of all your Medicare certifications.


Lower non-compliance risk, reduce costs, save time


What’s the risk of missing certifications?
  • The facility is at risk of losing payment for an entire claim period!


How do you manage certs today?  What are the hard costs?
  • Fax?
  • Paper/folders?
  • Mail?


How long does your current cert process take?
  • Time chasing doctors
  • Time searching for certs

Secure, Easy Digital e-Signing

Automate your Medicare certification process.  Track, sign and submit with the click of a button.


Track the status of incoming and outgoing certifications and upcoming deadlines in one place. Easily see which buildings, units and providers are your top performers.


Providers get notifed and can seamlessly sign certifications at their own pace from their existing mobile device with a HIPAA-compliant, secure PIN code.


Spend less time chasing down physicians and more time caring for residents. Send certifications with one click and easily export for documentation purposes.

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